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Friday, April 01, 2005

I.F. Theme for April 1, Travel

This picture, "Dominic and his Duck" was drawn directly into Painter 8 using a Wacom Graphire tablet. I started with an original canvas of 850 by 1100 pixels at 250 resolution and ended with 23 layers. It was a practice piece to see how I liked using the "barbed wire" pen in Painter 8 for adding shading lines. Below, for comparison, I have uploaded the picture with the barbed wire shading layer turned off. .
To give it a quirky look there are several pattern fills on the car. I create pattern fills by starting with a separate canvas 100 by 100 pixels and drawing a simple pattern then do a "select all". Then I open the Pattern Palate and select "Capture Pattern". This takes the small 100x100 picture and lets me use it for any pattern fill. It's a handy way to make benday dots of any color. Another fun things to do with making patterns, is that any black and white pattern when put on a gel layer in Painter will be a Black and Transparent pattern, which means I can color behind it on another layer and get sort of an Edward Gorey look. I hope that some other Painter users will find what I have written useful. I always enjoy when contributors to Illustration Friday describe their media and techniques, it helps me learn. To see more about how I use Painter see my link " How I do Digital Drawings".


At 12:55 AM, Blogger Robyn said...

I have never visited your blog before, having been brought here from Illustration Friday. Is Dominic and his duck a regular character appearing in your work? I love the graphic but I especially enjoy the way that you have described how you have achieved the work. Thank you so much for sharing.

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